New year, a new species

06 January 2019 - The latest - Comment -

New year, a new species and with new I refer to a new animal in my photographic record, a animal species that I have long been eager to photograph and in the end it was given, the Iberian Lynx (Lynx pardinus).

Winter, first days of January, lynx season, good time to take pictures, so I get in touch with my friend Agustin Perez Amil, from Alpasín and we agreed to visit Adamuz, in the province of Córdoba.

After several hours, in two days of sessions in the hides of #alpasinecoturismo - -, this beautiful male named Navalmoro appeared and is about two years old. For almost eight months he was not seen in the farm where he was born, and where his sister and another territorial male had been made until now, the main protagonists of the photography sessions in recent weeks.

The Iberian Lynx is one of the best examples of the great biodiversity of Sierra Morena, a natural paradise like few others. But attention, there is a great work of conservation and publicity behind this, as they do from Life + IBERLINCE - -, who watch over this wonderful species.

In 2002, the Life Project "Recovery of Iberian lynx populations in Andalusia" was approved. Then it had been estimated that there were less than 200 Iberian lynxes in the world, distributed in two viable populations, one in Doñana (Huelva and Seville) and another in Sierra Morena (Córdoba and Jaén). Today thanks to the work of many people, it is estimated according to the last census of 2017, that there are about 600 lynxes in the whole peninsula, of which about 450 are in Andalusia.

Here I leave a couple of images of Navalmoro, during his brief passage ... my three kings gift.

Hernan Bua Photography - Lince3%20copia.jpg

Last pose before leaving ..., as if to please me.

Hernan Bua Photography - Lince4%20copia.jpg

"My pictures, my little grain of sand in spreading Nature.
Making known, we love and protect her."

Hernan Bua

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